Powermatic Iconic 6 CNC with Laser Engraver Kit Review

Quick Summary:

Price: $5,499.00


  • High Precision in Woodworking Tasks
  • Can Cut Just About Any Material
  • Easy-to-use Operator
  • Super Easy to Work Table Accessibility
  • Long lasting machine


  • Expensive
  • Constantly out of stock

Personal Experience with the Powermatic Iconic 6 CNC

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time working with various CNC machines, I found the Powermatic Iconic 6 to be a refreshingly straightforward machine to use. My initial interest in this machine stemmed from its touted ease of use, which is a crucial factor for me as a small business owner specializing in custom woodwork and signage.

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Setup and Initial Impressions

Setting up the Powermatic Iconic 6 was simpler than I anticipated. The comprehensive manuals and tutorial videos provided by Axiom Precision were helpful and quite detailed, enabling a smooth setup process. I was particularly impressed by the robust frame and the neat integration of the controller, which streamlined the overall workspace without the clutter usually brought on by external modules.

Daily Use and Functionality

In day-to-day operations, the Iconic 6 performs admirably. The 800W Electro Spindle handles everything I throw at it, from delicate acrylic to dense hardwoods. The precision of the prismatic guides and ball screws is evident in the finished products, which are consistently of high quality with intricate details and smooth finishes.

The laser engraver kit was an addition I opted for a few months into using the CNC. This kit has expanded my service offerings significantly, allowing me to delve into personalized engraving projects that were previously beyond my scope. Engraving detailed graphics on wooden plaques and creating bespoke leather patches are now routine tasks that add substantial value to my products.

Diving Deeper into Daily Operations

On a typical day, I switch between multiple materials and projects. The Iconic 6's flexible setup allows for quick changes between tools and settings, which is crucial for maintaining productivity.

For example, transitioning from carving intricate designs in hardwood to engraving detailed patterns on metal sheets is nearly seamless. The accuracy of the machine's spindle and its compatibility with a variety of bit sizes provide me with the confidence to promise and deliver quality work to my clients.

The laser engraver kit, in particular, has been a game-changer. The ability to toggle between CNC routing and laser engraving without significant downtime is something that not only boosts efficiency but also enhances creativity. I've been able to experiment with layering techniques, combining etched and cut elements in single pieces, which has opened up new avenues in product offerings, from personalized gifts to custom architectural elements.

Reliability and Support

One aspect I truly appreciate is the reliability of the machine. It has operated flawlessly through multiple projects, and on the few occasions I've needed assistance, Axiom's customer service was prompt and effective. It's reassuring to know that help is just a phone call away, which isn't always the case with some other tech-heavy equipment I've used.

Learning and Growing with the Machine

While the learning curve was not steep, there was a continuous learning aspect as I explored more of the machine’s capabilities. Each project brings with it a set of challenges and learning opportunities, whether it’s mastering the software settings to handle different materials better or tweaking the machine’s alignment and calibration for optimal performance.

The ongoing support from Axiom has been invaluable in this respect. Whenever I’ve reached out with questions about settings or maintenance, the response has been knowledgeable and helpful, often going beyond the basics to provide tips that improve my usage of the CNC.

A Balanced Recommendation

From a practical standpoint, the Powermatic Iconic 6 CNC has been a sound investment for my business. It's a robust machine that matches its marketing promises, which is a pleasant surprise in a market that sometimes overhypes its products. While it might not be the cheapest option available, its performance and versatility justify the expense, particularly if you're looking to expand your capabilities into areas like detailed engraving.

The Iconic 6 might not revolutionize the CNC industry, but it certainly delivers on its promises.
For someone in the market for a CNC that balances ease of use, versatility, and solid construction, the Powermatic Iconic 6 is worth considering.

Whether you're a hobbyist looking to explore new projects or a professional needing reliable machinery for intricate designs and production, this machine offers a great balance of features that could enhance your creative and commercial outputs without overwhelming you with complexity.

Purchase Experience

The purchase experience through Beaver Industrial Supply further amplified my satisfaction. Their expertise and exceptional customer service ensured that I was making an informed decision, and they have continued to provide support whenever needed.


The Powermatic Iconic 6 CNC, crafted by Axiom Precision, represents a pivotal advancement in CNC machining technology, designed specifically to cater to both novice and intermediate users. This review delves into the specifications and features of the Iconic 6, including its optional laser engraver kit, highlighting its suitability for a range of applications from intricate engraving to robust cutting tasks.


Working Area

At the heart of the Powermatic Iconic 6's design is its spacious working area, measuring 24 inches by 36 inches. This generous space accommodates larger projects, making it a versatile choice for various materials and applications.

Frame and Structure

The machine's structure is built to ensure durability and precision. It features a high-rigidity extruded aluminum frame and a table made from interlocking aluminum. This is complemented by an integrated MDF spoil board that provides a stable and reliable surface for all types of machining tasks.

Electro Spindle

Power is paramount in CNC machining, and the Iconic 6 excels with an 800W (1HP) Electro Spindle. This spindle supports both 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch bits, offering flexibility for different cutting and carving needs.


The inclusion of the RichAuto B11 industrial 3-axis CNC controller is a significant advantage. This controller eliminates the need for an external computer, streamlining the machining process and enhancing user convenience.

Guides and Screws

The machine ensures precise movement with prismatic guides and precision ball screws. These components are crucial for achieving consistent accuracy and smoothness in all operations, from simple cuts to complex engravings.



The Iconic 6 is not just a tool for cutting; it’s also capable of detailed engraving, thanks to the laser kit. Whether you are looking to personalize gifts, create custom signage, or prototype designs, the Iconic 6 provides the capability to do so with precision and ease.

Ease of Use

Targeted at first-time CNC users, the Iconic 6 comes with comprehensive manuals and instructional videos provided by Axiom Precision. These resources are designed to help new users get up to speed quickly, effectively shortening the learning curve associated with CNC machining.

Safety and Support

Safety is a key focus for Axiom, and the Iconic 6 is designed with various features to ensure safe operation, particularly when using the laser engraver. Additionally, Axiom’s customer support and detailed manuals offer guidance on both setup and ongoing use, ensuring users can maximize the potential of their CNC machine without compromise.

Advanced Design and Engineering

The Iconic 6's extruded aluminum frame provides a solid base that enhances the machine's stability during operations. This structural choice not only improves the longevity of the unit but also ensures that vibrations are minimized during cutting and engraving processes, which is crucial for maintaining precision.

Integrated Features

The integrated MDF spoil board is a notable feature that aids in securing materials during machining. This board can be easily replaced or surfaced, offering a cost-effective way to maintain a flat and clean work area, which is essential for high-quality CNC work.

Performance and Precision

Spindle Efficiency

The 800W Electro Spindle of the Iconic 6 is designed for continuous use, providing sufficient power to handle a wide array of materials, from softwoods and plastics to harder substances like light aluminum and hardwoods. Its ability to accommodate multiple bit sizes allows for diverse project capabilities, from fine engraving to robust cutting tasks.

Controller Sophistication

The RichAuto B11 controller is a highlight in terms of technology. This controller supports offline operation, meaning intricate designs can be uploaded and executed without the constant need for a connected computer. This feature is particularly valuable in workshop environments where computer access can be limited.

Enhancing Capabilities with the Laser Engraver Kit

The optional Laser Engraver Kit for the Powermatic Iconic 6 CNC significantly broadens the machine's range of applications, transforming it from a standard CNC router into a versatile tool capable of executing detailed engravings on a variety of materials. This addition is designed by JTech, and tailored specifically for the Iconic Series, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimization.

Key Benefits and Functionalities

Diverse Material Compatibility

The Laser Engraver Kit allows users to work with materials beyond traditional CNC limits. It can be engraved on wood, acrylic, leather, and even some types of metal, providing great flexibility for projects like custom gifts, decorative items, or functional products.

Precision and Detail

One of the standout features of this kit is its ability to produce extremely fine details. This is essential for applications requiring intricate designs, such as personalized engravings on jewelry or detailed logos on business merchandise. The precision of the laser ensures that every engraving is sharp and clear, enhancing the aesthetic and value of the final product.

Ease of Installation and Use

Integrating the laser kit with the existing CNC setup is straightforward. It is designed to mount easily on the Iconic 6, and the transition between routing and laser engraving can be accomplished with minimal downtime. This user-friendly design makes it accessible even for those who might not have extensive technical experience.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety is paramount when dealing with laser technology. The Laser Engraver Kit includes comprehensive safety features to protect the user and maintain the integrity of the machine. This includes protective coverings and safety glasses, as well as guidelines for proper usage to prevent accidents and ensure efficient operation.

Practical Applications

For businesses, the laser engraver opens up new product lines and services, such as bespoke engraving services for corporate clients, custom signage, and unique, personalized products for retail. Educational settings can benefit from the ability to provide students with hands-on experience in both CNC routing and laser engraving, preparing them for a broader range of skills in their future careers.

Versatile Applications and Uses

The Iconic 6 shines in environments such as small businesses, schools, and hobbyist workshops. Its ability to switch between routing and engraving with the addition of the laser engraver kit makes it ideal for personalized crafting, educational projects, and small-scale production runs.

For professionals, the Iconic 6 offers a low entry barrier to expanding service offerings. For instance, custom furniture makers can utilize the CNC for intricate inlays and cutouts, while sign makers can produce complex signage with mixed media, thanks to the machine’s versatility.

Comparison with Competitors

Market Position

When compared to similar CNC machines in the market, the Iconic 6 stands out for its robust construction and integrated technology. Machines at similar price points often require additional investments for capabilities such as laser engraving or advanced controllers, making the Iconic 6 a cost-effective solution.

User-Friendly Approach

Axiom Precision's commitment to making CNC technology accessible is evident in their comprehensive resource offerings. Few competitors provide such detailed user manuals and video tutorials, which significantly enhance the user experience, especially for those new to CNC machining.


The Powermatic Iconic 6 CNC is a standout machine in the realm of digital fabrication, offering robust construction, versatile capabilities, and user-friendly features. The optional laser engraver kit further enhances its utility, making it a formidable tool in any maker’s arsenal.

For hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and educators alike, the Iconic 6 offers an excellent balance of performance, ease of use, and safety, making it a wise choice for anyone looking to explore the possibilities of CNC machining and laser engraving. Whether you are a first-timer or looking to upgrade your current setup, the Powermatic Iconic 6 is well worth considering.

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