Nargesa Roll Bender MC150B Review

Personal Experience with the MC150B

When we first considered upgrading our equipment, the MC150B stood out due to its versatility and robust specifications. Initially, I was skeptical about the claims of its multi-functional capabilities and its ability to handle various metals with precision. However, after using it extensively, I can confidently say that it has met and occasionally exceeded our expectations.

Adaptability and Performance

One of the most significant benefits we’ve experienced is the adaptability of the MC150B. The ability to switch between horizontal and vertical positions is not just a feature on paper but a practical advantage we use regularly. This adaptability is particularly useful in our shop, where space can be limited, and workflow dynamics change frequently. Depending on the project and the metal profiles we are working with, adjusting the machine’s orientation helps maintain a smooth operational flow and keeps the workspace organized.

Precision Bending with Minimal Waste

The precision with which the MC150B operates has also significantly reduced material waste. This was a crucial factor for us, as material costs can add up quickly. The millimeter scale and the advanced control system allow for precise adjustments, which means we get the bend right the first time, more often than not. This accuracy is particularly important when we work on custom projects that require a high degree of customization and precision.

Durability and Reliability

We’ve run the MC150B hard over the last year, and it’s stood up well to heavy use. The robust construction of the machine is evident, and it feels built to last. Maintenance has been straightforward, and we’ve had no significant downtime due to the machine, which is critical for meeting tight deadlines and maintaining productivity.


For anyone in the metalworking industry, whether you’re involved in large-scale industrial projects or more detailed, artistic endeavors, the Nargesa MC150B offers a solid balance of performance, versatility, and reliability. It’s not a magic solution—no machine is—but for us, it has been a worthwhile investment that has enhanced our capabilities and helped grow our business.

While I can enthusiastically recommend the MC150B based on our experiences, I would suggest prospective buyers consider their specific needs and workflow. The machine is an excellent fit for shops that require flexibility and precision in metal bending. If these are key aspects of your operations, the MC150B could very well be the upgrade that your shop needs to push its productivity and creative boundaries further.

Buying Experience

Purchasing the Nargesa MC150B from Beaver Industrial Supply was a remarkably positive experience. Their customer service was attentive and knowledgeable, making the buying process smooth and transparent. They followed up to ensure everything was functioning as expected, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.


In the world of metal fabrication, the efficiency and precision of machinery can significantly impact productivity and the quality of end products. One such essential tool for metalworkers is the roll bender, and the Nargesa MC150B has positioned itself as a standout in this category.

Known for its robust design and versatility, the MC150B caters to a wide range of bending needs, from simple furniture frames to complex architectural structures. This review delves into the specifications, features, and overall performance of the Nargesa MC150B Roll Bender.


The Nargesa MC150B is engineered to handle a variety of metals, including iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. Here are the key specifications that make this machine a valuable asset in any metalworking shop:

  • Rollers Speed: 6 RPM, ensuring a controlled and steady bending process.
  • Diameter of Axes: 1.5 inches, robust enough for handling substantial metal profiles.
  • Useful Axes Length: 2.9 inches, which accommodates a wide range of profile sizes.
  • Motor Power: 0.75 KW / 1 HP, providing sufficient power for continuous operation.
  • Dimensions: 37″L x 27″W x 45″H, a compact design that fits well in both large and small workshops.
  • Center Distance between Lower Axes: 9 inches, allowing for the bending of large diameters.
  • Maximum Capacity for Bending Round Tube: 2 inches or 50 mm, suitable for most standard tubes.

Additionally, the MC150B is designed with a base cupboard for storing rollers and accessories, a millimeter scale for precise bending, and a secure transmission system using flat hardened pinions.


The Nargesa MC150B is not just a simple bending machine; it is equipped with features that enhance its usability and functionality:

  • Two Working Positions: The machine can operate both horizontally and vertically on the same workbench, making it adaptable to various workspace configurations.
  • Drive Rollers: Two lower rollers are motorized and knurled, improving grip and consistency in bending.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Comes with a 3-year warranty on all parts, backed by Quantum Machinery Group, ensuring reliability and customer support.
  • Correction Rollers: These are strategically placed on the sides to control bending deformation, particularly useful when creating spirals and spiral staircases.
  • Bending Regulation: Adjustment is done via the upper shaft, which allows for the bending of large-diameter profiles without deformation.

Bending Capacities

The MC150B Roll Bender excels in its ability to shape various profiles with precision. Here are some of its bending capacities:

  • Round Tube: Up to 2″ x .120″, with a minimum radius of 24 inches.
  • Square Tube: Up to 1.5″ x 1.5″ x .120″, with a minimum radius of 14 inches.
  • Angle (Leg-Out): Up to 1.5″, with a minimum radius of 20 inches.
  • Flat Bar (Easy Way): Up to 2.25″ x 0.75″, with a minimum radius of 8 inches.
  • Solid Round: Up to 1″, with a minimum radius of 8 inches.

Standard Tooling Configuration

The MC150B comes equipped with nine standard pieces, enabling the user to work with all kinds of profiles, such as Square, Rectangular Tube, Square Bars, C-Channel, T-Channel, Angle, Flat Bar, and Edged Flat Bar. Adjustable rollers, supplemented by washers, accommodate different profile sizes, enhancing the machine’s versatility.

Practical Applications

The practical applications of the MC150B are vast. It can be used in the manufacture of metal products like greenhouses, tables, chairs, car guards, doors, windows, railings, and fences. The flexibility to switch between horizontal and vertical positions is particularly advantageous in facilities with space constraints or specific height requirements.

Versatility in Metal Fabrication

The versatility of the MC150B is one of its most compelling attributes. It can handle a multitude of metal types and shapes, including flat bars, bar sections, T-profiles, rolling U-profiles, angles, solid rods, and tubes. This capability makes it an invaluable tool for a variety of industries, including automotive, furniture, construction, and even artistic metalwork where precision and variety in metal shaping are required.

Ergonomic Design

Understanding that metal fabrication can be physically demanding, the design of the MC150B emphasizes user comfort and operational efficiency. The option to switch between horizontal and vertical working positions is a clear testament to its ergonomic design. This flexibility allows operators to adjust the machine’s orientation based on the specific project requirements and their comfort, reducing strain and fatigue during long working hours. Additionally, the machine’s relatively compact dimensions ensure that it does not consume excessive space, making it suitable for workshops of various sizes.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in the design of any industrial machinery. The MC150B Roll Bender includes several safety features that protect the operator without compromising performance. It is equipped with a secure transmission system that utilizes flat hardened pinions, which not only provides durability but also enhances the safety of the transmission mechanisms.

Correction rollers, which help control the bending deformation, also contribute to the safety of the machine by ensuring stable and predictable bending processes, reducing the risk of metal warping that can lead to accidents.

The MC150B comes with a comprehensive safety guard system and emergency stops. These features are designed to immediately halt operations if a potentially dangerous situation arises, thus protecting the operator from injury and the machine from potential damage.


The Nargesa MC150B Roll Bender stands out as a premier tool in metal fabrication. Its combination of robust construction, versatility in handling different metals, ergonomic design, safety features, and positive user feedback make it an essential asset for any metalworking shop. Whether for commercial production or creative metal art, the MC150B promises performance, safety, and reliability, making it a wise investment for businesses looking to elevate their metal fabrication capabilities.

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