Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 Review

If you seek power and precision, the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 offers a robust 34.9 horsepower output. With a large 118” x 71” table and a load capacity of up to 22,000 lbs, this CNC machine excels.

The Gantry-Type design ensures stability and precision with its horizontal milling table, ideal for intricate work. The powerful engine enhances productivity and efficiency, perfect for long hours of operation. The machine’s weight handling capabilities contribute to its durability.

Discover more about the high workpiece weight capacity and efficient tool changer. Uncover the full potential of this CNC machine.

Introduction to the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine

The Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine stands out as a cutting-edge gantry-type milling machine tailored for precise machining of large and heavy workpieces.

Its design features a fixed gantry and a movable table, making it ideal for heavy-duty machining and high-speed processing of intricate dies and forms. This machine is a top choice for industries requiring accuracy and efficiency in machining large components.

Knuth, a prominent international machine tool supplier established in 1923, operates across more than 30 countries. Specializing in a wide array of conventional and CNC metalworking machines, Knuth is dedicated to offering superior customer service and ensuring that customers receive the best price-performance ratio to achieve exceptional outcomes.

With the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine, you can rely on cutting-edge technology and precision engineering to meet your machining needs effectively.

Technical Specifications of the Knuth 34.9HP 118” x 71” CNC Machine

Exploring the technical specifications of the Knuth 34.9HP 118” x 71” Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine reveals its impressive capabilities for precision machining of large and heavy workpieces. The machine features a spindle nose-to-table surface distance ranging from 8” to 47”, a generous table dimension of 118” x 71”, and a remarkable table load capacity of up to 22,000 lbs. With a travel X-axis of 165.4” and a spindle speed of 6000 rpm driven by a 34.9 Hp motor, this CNC machine is designed for heavy-duty machining tasks.

Measuring 394” in length, 201” in width, and 193” in height, the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 weighs 74,800 lbs. Its fixed gantry and movable table design cater to high-speed machining needs for intricate dies and forms.

Equipped with a Siemens 828 D Basic control system, a 24-station tool changer with dual-arm gripper, and a user-friendly interface, this CNC machine ensures precision and efficiency in machining operations.

Understanding the Gantry-Type Design of the Portalo C 4022

When delving into the workings of the Portalo C 4022, one immediately grasps the significance of its gantry-type design. Here are key points to understand about this design:

  1. Gantry Frame: The strong and rigid gantry frame supports a horizontal milling table, typically constructed from materials like aluminum, steel, or composites.
  2. Milling Table: Made of cast iron or steel, the milling table moves along the X, Y, and Z-axis, enabling precise control and manipulation of the workpiece.
  3. Gantry Movement: The rail system (X-axis) and the gantry bridge (Y-axis) provide an X-Y coordinate system for moving cutting torches, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in machining heavy-duty workpieces.

The gantry-type design of the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine showcases superior engineering and manufacturing standards, making it perfect for applications requiring precision, rigidity, and reliability.

The Power and Performance of the 34.9HP Engine

With a power output of 34.9 horsepower, the engine of the Knuth Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine significantly enhances its performance and capabilities. The substantial power delivered by this engine allows the machine to handle heavy-duty machining tasks with ease.

This high power output contributes to excellent performance, enabling the machine to operate at high speeds, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency. Moreover, the engine’s reliability is noteworthy, designed to withstand long hours of operation without compromising performance.

Despite its high power, the engine operates efficiently, consuming less energy while delivering maximum power, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run. In comparison to other engines, a 34.9HP engine offers significant power and performance advantages.

For example, an increase in horsepower can notably enhance the performance of machines like outboard engines, showcasing the impactful role horsepower plays in machine efficiency.

The 34.9HP engine of the Knuth Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine stands out for its power, performance, and efficiency, making it a reliable option for heavy-duty machining tasks.

Handling and Operation: The 22,000 lbs. Weight Factor

The handling and operation of the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine are greatly influenced by its substantial 22,000 lbs. weight factor. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Table Load Capacity: With a table load capacity of 22,000 lbs., this CNC machine can effortlessly handle large and heavy workpieces, making it perfect for heavy-duty machining tasks.
  2. Stability and Support: The high weight capacity enhances the machine’s stability and support, ensuring it maintains precision and accuracy even when working with massive workpieces.
  3. Efficient Handling and Operation: Despite its weight, the machine is designed for efficient handling and operation. It features a movable set-up table and a fixed gantry, facilitating easy machining of large and heavy workpieces.

This weight factor not only contributes to the machine’s robustness but also ensures safety and efficiency during operation. The design elements, such as the automatic central lubrication system and powerful coolant system, further enhance the overall safety considerations when dealing with such heavy machinery.

Pros of the Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine

Considering its robustness and efficiency, the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine stands out for its exceptional handling of large and heavy workpieces.

The machine’s high workpiece weight capacity makes it perfect for heavy-duty machining tasks, while its large work area allows for the machining of sizable workpieces.

The rigid fixed portal enhances stability and support, ensuring precision and accuracy in machining operations. With a quick-action tool changer featuring a robust 24-station tool capacity and dual-arm gripper, tool changes are swift and flexible during production. The inclusion of Renishaw measuring systems for tool and workpiece gauging significantly boosts efficiency.

The high-performance CNC control panel simplifies operation, and the efficient chip disposal system, combined with a powerful coolant system and chip conveyor, ensures a clean workspace.

The automatic central lubrication system streamlines maintenance, making the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine a reliable and efficient choice for precision machining tasks.

Cons of the Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine

Despite its impressive features and capabilities, the Portalo C 4022 CNC Machine may present challenges in terms of cost, space requirements, complexity, maintenance, and power consumption.

  1. Cost: High-performance CNC machines like the Portalo C 4022 can be quite expensive, not only in terms of the initial investment but also due to maintenance and operation costs that can add up over time.
  2. Space Requirements: The machine’s large size demands a significant amount of space, which could be a limiting factor for workshops with constrained areas, potentially requiring reorganization or expansion.
  3. Complexity: The advanced features and capabilities of the Portalo C 4022 may pose a steep learning curve, particularly for operators who lack familiarity with CNC machinery, necessitating additional training or expertise.


Overall, the Knuth 34.9HP Portalo C 4022 CNC machine is a powerful and reliable option for heavy-duty machining tasks. With its impressive technical specifications, gantry-type design, and strong 34.9HP engine, it offers great performance and accuracy.

While its weight may pose some challenges in terms of handling and operation, the pros of this machine definitely outweigh the cons. It’s a solid choice for those in need of a high-performance CNC machine.

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