JHT W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 Review

Personal Experience with the W12 Series

When I first encountered the W12 Series, I was managing production in a mid-sized fabrication shop specializing in heavy machinery components. The transition to the W12 Series was driven by our need for higher precision and efficiency, given our expanding client base and the increasingly complex projects we were taking on.

First Impressions

Upon installation, the W12 Series immediately stood out due to its robust design and sophisticated control interface. The setup process was straightforward, aided significantly by the clear instructions and responsive customer support from the manufacturer. The machine’s framework, welded from ST-52 steel, promised durability and the ability to withstand the rigorous demands of our production schedule.

Operational Efficiency

In operation, the W12 Series has proven to be exceptionally reliable. One aspect that I particularly appreciate is its hydraulic drive system powered by renowned manufacturers like Bosch – Rexroth and Siemens. This system not only delivers consistent power but also maintains precision with every bend, crucial for our work with complex parts.

The digital display and CNC control systems are intuitive, allowing even less experienced operators to achieve precise results with minimal training. The pre-bending feature is especially beneficial, enabling us to prepare plates for final bending without the need for additional handling.

Real-World Applications

In our shop, the W12 Series has been instrumental in producing parts for industrial equipment and large vehicles. The ability to execute continuous bending operations and handle various plate thicknesses without manual intervention has significantly reduced our turnaround times. Moreover, the machine’s capability to develop cones as efficiently as it rolls cylinders has broadened our service offerings to clients.

Safety and Maintenance

From a safety standpoint, the fixed lower rollers and the hydraulic balancing system ensure that operations are stable and secure, minimizing the risk of accidents. Maintenance has been surprisingly minimal, a testament to the quality of construction and the permanent lubrication technology employed in the machine’s bearings.

Purchase Experience

Based on my experience, I would recommend the W12 Series to any business that requires high levels of precision and efficiency in metal forming. While the initial investment might seem substantial, the return in terms of reliability, ease of operation, and quality of output justifies the cost. Particularly for businesses looking to expand their capabilities or increase production without compromising on quality, the W12 Series is a solid choice.

The experience of purchasing this machine from Beaver Industrial Supply added to the overall positive impression. The exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff, and efficient logistics ensured a smooth acquisition process. Their proactive post-sale support has been reassuring, confirming that the investment was not only in the machine itself but also in a partnership with a reliable supplier.

Discover the precision and efficiency of the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500. With its robust steel frame and advanced PLC system, this machine offers high-precision bending and reliable operation.

Crafted with top-tier materials like 42CrMo Alloy steel and European-quality bearings, it ensures durability and performance. Featuring top brands for hydraulic and electrical components, it guarantees precision and dependability.

With safety features and compliance standards in place, it offers a secure working environment. From its special bending aircraft to its automatic lubrication system, this machine caters to diverse industrial needs. Uncover more about its advanced features for enhanced productivity and performance.


The W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 showcases its high precision, user-friendly design, and comprehensive features for plate bending. This machine is specifically engineered to coil plates into various shapes, including cylindrical, conic, and arc forms. It boasts a pre-bending function and utilizes a touch screen for CNC control.

Equipped with top-notch components such as a main power unit from Siemens Electrical (Germany), main electronic elements from Schneider (France), a hydraulic system from Bosch – Rexroth (Germany), and a work roller made of 42CrMo Alloy steel, this rolling machine ensures durability and efficiency in operation.

Primarily used for rolling circular and arc-shaped workpieces, the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 finds applications in industries like energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower, and metal structure industries.

Manufactured by renowned companies including Prima CNC Machinery, Shanghai Aluke Equipment Co., Ltd, and HARSLE, this machine stands out for its precision and versatility in plate bending operations.

Key Features and Functions

Featuring a streamlined European design and a robust steel frame, the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 offers an array of key features and functions for precise plate bending operations. Here are some notable features and functions of this machine:

  • Design: The machine boasts a streamlined European design and is built with fabricated, welded steel frames (ST-52).
  • Structure: It includes upper roller, lower roller, horizontal movement mechanism, supporting mechanism, main drive mechanism, downturn system, left and right machine frame, chassis, balance mechanism, and hydraulic and electrical control systems.
  • Rollers: The upper roller can perform vertical and level motion, while the lower and side rollers’ displacement is computer-controlled.
  • Pre-bending Function: The machine enables high-precision pre-bending and includes a pre-bending function for achieving pre-bending at the end of the sheet.
  • Safety: The machine ensures safety during operation as the plate remains stationary while the upper roller moves.

Control System and Usability

With a numerically controlled PLC system and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 ensures precise control and ease of operation. The machine’s control system offers advanced features such as the EPS Electronic Balance System, providing parallel roller operation with high precision. Additionally, the touch screen allows for visual input, editing capabilities, and the storage of up to 500 sets of data, enhancing user interaction. The inclusion of a Man-Machine Dialog function facilitates fault self-diagnosis and intelligent error judgment during operation. The machine supports both manual and automatic control modes, offering flexibility to operators.

Control System FeaturesUsability Features
Numerically Controlled PLCDrum Shaped Roller Shaft
Touch Screen InterfaceSafe Work
EPS Electronic Balance SystemMoveable Independent Operation Table
Man-Machine DialogAutomatic Leveling

Construction and Material Quality

Utilizing a streamlined European design and fabricated, welded steel frames, the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 showcases robust construction and high-quality materials. The attention to detail in the construction and material quality ensures durability and precision in operation.

  • Design: The machine boasts a sleek European design that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Frame: Welded using ST-52 steel, the frames provide a sturdy foundation for the machine’s operation.
  • Roll Shafts: Crafted with top-tier materials, the roll shafts contribute to the machine’s reliability and longevity.
  • Bearings: European-quality bearings are utilized in the production process, ensuring smooth and efficient performance.
  • Work Roller: Made from 42CrMo Alloy steel, the work roller exemplifies durability and wear resistance, crucial for sustained usage.

These components, along with the high-quality hydraulic and electrical systems, make the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 a solid choice for demanding industrial applications.

Hydraulic and Electrical Components

The W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 incorporates top-tier hydraulic and electrical components to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in industrial operations.

The hydraulic system, sourced from Bosch – Rexroth in Germany, provides high-pressure resistance, velocity, durability, and low noise levels. The oil pump, manufactured by Sunny in the USA, offers exceptional reliability and performance. Hydraulic cylinders are utilized for the up/down movement of the lower and side rolls.

For electrical components, Siemens Electrical in Germany supplies the main power and main motor, known for their quality and reliability. Schneider in France provides the main electronic elements, ensuring robust performance. The machine’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is from OMRON in Japan, recognized for its dependability.

Additionally, the digital display system employs a Touch Screen from Delta, and the transducer is sourced from OMRON in Japan, ensuring precision and accuracy in operation. These components collectively contribute to the machine’s high efficiency and accuracy in rolling operations.

Safety and Compliance

Incorporating a range of safety features and adhering to international standards, the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 ensures operator protection and regulatory compliance.

  • Protective Fence: Equipped with a protective fence to ensure operator safety.
  • Safety Interlock: Prevents the machine from operating when safety conditions aren’t met.
  • Single-Hand Pedal Switch: Features a movable single-hand pedal switch for easy and safe operation.
  • Front Side Covers with Safety Switches: Ensures safe machine operation.
  • Backlight Safety Guards (Category-4): Provides additional safety for the operator.

The machine complies with various standards and regulations, including CE Compliance, Design Standards (ABNT, ISO, IEC, CE), Hydraulic System Compliance (Directive 98/37 EC), and Electrical System Compliance (IP65 cabinet and international CE Standard).

Additionally, the machine frame meets Security standards such as PPRPS, NT-16, NR-12, and NR-13, ensuring a high level of safety and compliance across different aspects of its design.

Additional Features and Industrial Applications

With a special bending aircraft and self-compensating functionality, the W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 offers advanced features for enhanced efficiency and precision in various industrial applications. The machine includes a numerically controlled special bending aircraft and a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for intelligent operation. Its self-compensating capability allows for single-operation efficiency, safety, and convenience.

Offering a range of models, from economic numerical control to TC computerized numerical control, the machine’s exclusive technology enables the development of cones as easily as competitive machines develop cylinders. Additionally, it boasts an automatic lubrication system with a block alarm feature.

In terms of industrial applications, the machine finds common use in the energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower, and metal structure industries for its high precision, full-featured design, and ease of use. Its versatility and advanced features make it a valuable asset across various sectors.


The W12 Series CNC Hydraulic Four Roller Rolling Machine 10X2500 is more than just a piece of machinery; it is a critical asset that enhances the capabilities of metal-forming businesses.

Its combination of advanced technology, robust construction, and thoughtful design, coupled with exceptional customer service from suppliers like Beaver Industrial Supply, makes it a commendable choice for any business looking to excel in metal fabrication.

Whether dealing with simple or complex projects, the W12 Series provides the reliability, precision, and efficiency needed to meet modern manufacturing demands and exceed customer expectations.

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