JHT Fiber Laser Cutter Closed Working Table 6020G 4000W Review

Personal Experience with JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 6020G 4000W

As someone who has operated various laser cutting machines over the years in a professional manufacturing setting, my experience with the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 6020G 4000W has been notably positive. This machine stands out for several reasons, primarily due to its robustness and precision, which are critical in my daily tasks.

Day-to-Day Operational Experience

On a typical day, I use the 6020G to cut complex parts for automotive and aerospace applications. The precision it offers is indispensable, especially when dealing with materials like titanium and high-grade aluminum. The consistency of the cuts, even at high speeds, is something that not only saves valuable time but also reduces material waste significantly.

One of the features I’ve come to rely on heavily is the Cypcut control system. It’s intuitive enough that new operators can master basic functions quickly, yet powerful enough to handle complex cutting jobs with ease. Designing patterns and adjusting settings on the fly without causing delays in our workflow is a huge advantage.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance-wise, the machine is quite straightforward. The separation of electrical systems into strong and weak power circuits simplifies troubleshooting, which is a boon for maintaining productivity. I’ve also found the automatic oil lubrication system to be a game changer, as it ensures smooth operation of the moving parts, drastically reducing the need for manual upkeep.

From a durability standpoint, the steel frame’s stability is evident. Even after years of use, there’s no sign of deformation, which is often a concern with less robust machines. This structural integrity is crucial for maintaining long-term accuracy and reducing the need for recalibrations.

Environmental and Cost Efficiency

Environmentally, the machine’s high photoelectric conversion efficiency means that we’re using less power than traditional CO2 lasers, which fits well with our company’s goals of reducing energy consumption. The low operational costs, coupled with minimal maintenance expenses, contribute significantly to its overall cost-effectiveness.


For businesses looking into expanding their manufacturing capabilities, particularly in metal fabrication, the JHT 6020G offers a compelling package. It’s not just about the speed or the cutting precision, but also about the overall reliability and ease of use. Whether it’s for high-volume production or precise custom projects, this machine provides a solid foundation without the frequent overheads associated with more traditional laser cutting systems.

While the JHT 6020G may not revolutionize your shop floor, it will reliably do exactly what it is designed to do—provide precise, efficient, and cost-effective cutting. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense machine that I have found to be a dependable part of our production line. This machine is worth considering if you are aiming to enhance your operational capabilities while keeping an eye on both quality and efficiency.

The purchasing experience from Beaver Industrial Supply added to the overall positive impression of the machine. Their expertise in guiding us through the selection process, combined with their attentive customer service and thorough follow-up, ensured that we were confident and well-informed buyers.

Overview of JHT 6020G 4000W

In the realm of high-performance industrial tools, delve into the intricate capabilities of the JHT 6020G 4000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. This machine boasts a 4000W Fiber Laser Generator, providing a high-power laser beam for swift and precise metal cutting.

The laser cutting head, featuring a top-notch focusing mirror, guarantees accurate focus control through manual or automatic adjustments. Additionally, the advanced capacitive height sensing system ensures consistent cutting quality, even on uneven surfaces.

The sturdy cutting body, constructed using reinforced rectangular tubes, enhances overall stability and prevents bed deformation. Controlled by a user-friendly CNC system, this machine offers a wide array of customizable cutting parameters to suit different materials.

With an exchange table for efficient material swapping, downtime is minimized, boosting productivity. Known for its superior beam quality, energy efficiency, and durability, the JHT 6020G 4000W is a cost-effective solution for various industries, providing versatility and precision in metal cutting tasks.

Understanding the Fiber Laser Technology

Utilizing fiber laser technology, the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W machine achieves precision metal cutting with exceptional efficiency and accuracy.

The fiber laser system comprises a gain medium, an optical resonant cavity, and a pump source. Rare earth ions doped in the fiber core serve as the gain medium, situated between mirrors for photon feedback and amplification.

The 4000W fiber laser generator emits a high-power laser beam enabling precise metal cutting at high speeds. Fiber lasers offer advantages like high beam quality, compact size, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Operating in the wavelength range of 400-3400nm, fiber lasers find applications in diverse fields such as optical data storage, communication, sensing, and medical technology.

Advancements in fiber laser technology include doped fiber lasers, fiber Bragg grating lasers, and high-power double-clad fiber lasers, making the JHT machine a versatile tool for industrial metal cutting.

Features and Specifications

The JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W machine boasts cutting-edge features and specifications that elevate its performance in precision metal cutting. Equipped with a 4000W fiber laser generator, this machine delivers a high-power laser beam enabling precise and swift cutting through various metals.

Its high-quality laser cutting head, with an adjustable focusing mirror and advanced capacitive height sensing system, ensures accurate cutting on uneven surfaces. The sturdy cutting body, welded with multiple rectangular tubes and reinforced structures, enhances bed strength and stability, preventing deformation.

Controlled by a user-friendly CNC system, the machine offers a wide range of cutting parameters for different materials, including laser power, cutting speed, and gas pressure. Additionally, the exchange table facilitates quick material swapping, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

With the ability to adjust cutting parameters based on material thickness, the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W is a powerful tool for precision metal cutting.

Analyzing the Closed Working Table

Analyzing the Closed Working Table of the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W reveals key safety, dust management, stability, and exchange table features that contribute significantly to its overall performance and functionality. The table’s closed design enhances safety by containing the laser beam, preventing accidental exposure. It aids in dust and fume management, maintaining a clean working environment, and safeguarding internal machine components. The stability provided by the closed working table ensures precise cuts by securing materials in place during the cutting process. Additionally, the exchange table feature allows for quick material swapping, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

SafetyContains laser beam, prevents exposure
Dust ManagementManages dust and fumes, protects internal components
StabilityContains a laser beam, prevents exposure
Exchange TableProvides a stable platform for materials, ensures precision cuts

The Power of 4000W Laser

With a power output of 4000 watts, the fiber laser generator on the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G drives its cutting performance to exceptional levels. The high power output of 4000 watts enables this machine to cut through various metals with precision and speed.

The laser beam generated by this fiber laser generator is focused to a high power density, allowing for quick and accurate material cutting. When the laser beam strikes the workpiece, it reaches its melting or boiling point, and the molten or evaporated metal is removed by a high-pressure gas aligned with the beam. This process results in clean and precise cuts.

The advantages of this powerful fiber laser generator include higher cutting efficiency, superior beam quality, and extended service life. Additionally, the compact size made possible by coiling the fiber cable inside the machine allows for higher-power fiber lasers in a smaller package, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W.

Difference to Other Models

When comparing the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W to other models, one notable distinction lies in its increased power output. This higher power output enables the 4000W model to cut through thicker materials and at a faster speed compared to lower power models.

Here are some key differences:

  • Improved Efficiency: The 4000W model is more efficient than lower-power models, allowing for increased productivity by cutting more material in less time.
  • Better Beam Quality: The 4000W model boasts superior beam quality, resulting in more precise cuts and a smoother finish on the cut edges.
  • Greater Versatility: With the ability to cut a wider range of materials, the 4000W model stands out as a more versatile tool for various industries.

These distinctions position the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W as a powerful and efficient solution for precision metal cutting needs.

Assessing the Investment Worthiness

Considering the notable features and capabilities of the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W, evaluating its investment worthiness reveals a compelling proposition for businesses seeking advanced metal cutting solutions. Here is a breakdown of key factors to consider:

Power Output4000 watts for precise and speedy metal cutting tasks.
VersatilityCapable of cutting a wide range of materials, making it valuable across various industries.
Efficiency4000 watts for precise and speedy metal-cutting tasks.
DurabilitySturdy build and high-quality components ensure longevity and reduced maintenance costs.
CostHigh efficiency leads to cost savings over time.

Investing in this machine can offer businesses the ability to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and expand their capabilities in metal-cutting operations.

The combination of power, versatility, efficiency, durability, and long-term cost-effectiveness makes the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 4000W a compelling investment for companies looking to streamline their metal-cutting processes.

Competitive Advantages

  • Cost Efficiency: Operates at significantly lower power consumption than traditional CO2 lasers and reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the need for reflector lenses.
  • Ease of Use: The fiber line transmission eliminates the need for optical path adjustments, facilitating straightforward operation.
  • High-Speed and Quality: Delivers cutting speeds 2-3 times faster than traditional lasers with excellent beam quality for superior processing results.


The JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 6020G 4000W is a top-tier tool for anyone in the metal fabrication industry. It combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to offer a powerful, efficient, and reliable solution.

The machine’s adaptability across various industries, coupled with its environmental and economic benefits, makes it a valuable asset for any business aiming to enhance its operational capabilities.

The additional support from a reliable supplier like Beaver Industrial Supply only enhances its appeal, making it a recommended choice for professionals looking for high-quality, efficient, and durable laser-cutting solutions.

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