JHT Fiber Laser Cutter Closed Working Table 6020G 10000W Review

Personal Experience with the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Type 6020G 10000W

A User’s Journey

As a fabricator with over a decade of experience in the metalworking industry, transitioning to the JHT 6020G was a significant upgrade from the traditional CO2 laser cutters we used previously. My initial skepticism about adopting new technology quickly dissolved after just a few months of using this machine.

Initial Impressions

The setup process was smoother than anticipated. JHT’s technicians were thorough in their installation and training sessions, ensuring our team understood the machine’s capabilities and operation. The immediate difference in speed and precision was noticeable. Our first project involved intricate patterns on stainless steel panels, a task that would typically take a couple of hours. With the 6020G, it was completed in less than half the time.

Day-to-Day Operations

One aspect of the machine that I’ve come to appreciate is its reliability. The daily operation is straightforward thanks to the intuitive CYPCUT control system. Designing and adjusting cutting patterns on the fly is possible and remarkably easy. This flexibility has allowed us to experiment with more complex designs and accept a wider range of projects.

The machine’s environmental and safety features also provide satisfaction to our work. Knowing that we are reducing our ecological footprint while maintaining a safe workspace aligns with our company’s values. The clean-cutting and dust removal systems ensure that our shop remains safe and professional-looking, which is something our clients notice and appreciate.

Efficiency and Precision

The precision of the 6020G with its fiber laser technology is impressive. We frequently work with various metals and thicknesses, and the machine handles these with ease, maintaining a high-quality cut every time. The reduced need for secondary finishing has saved us time and material costs.

Economic Benefits

From an economic standpoint, the 6020G has been a worthwhile investment. The efficiency gains have translated directly into cost savings and increased output. While the upfront cost is substantial, the return on investment became evident as our production capabilities expanded and maintenance costs dropped. The low power consumption and minimal maintenance have been particularly beneficial in keeping operational costs under control.


For anyone considering an upgrade to their metal fabrication tools, I would recommend looking at what the JHT 6020G can offer. It’s a robust machine that combines speed, precision, and flexibility. Whether you’re dealing with intricate designs or large-scale industrial components, the 6020G is up to the task. It’s not just about the advanced technology; it’s also about how this machine can seamlessly fit into and grow with your business. It has certainly done so for ours.

Purchasing the JHT 6020G from Beaver Industrial Supply was a remarkably positive experience. Their team was knowledgeable and attentive, ensuring that we understood every aspect of the machine’s capabilities. The setup was efficient, and their ongoing customer support has been invaluable, making this investment not just a purchase but a substantial enhancement to our operations.

Introduction to JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 10000W

Experience the power of the JHT 6020G 10000W Fiber Laser Cutter: with 10000W output for efficient cutting. This machine ensures precise cutting through various metals effortlessly and with superior beam quality for clean results. Learn why this 10000W model stands out among others with its unmatched accuracy and speed. Get a glimpse into its safety tips, maintenance requirements, and more.

When considering the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 10000W, you’re introduced to a cutting-edge industrial tool designed for precision and efficiency in sheet metal cutting. This powerful machine boasts a fiber laser generator with an impressive 10000-watt output, ensuring superior cutting efficiency and beam quality.

The high-quality laser cutting head features an adjustable focusing mirror for precise control over the beam’s focus position, coupled with an advanced capacitive height sensing system for consistent cutting quality on various surfaces.

The sturdy cutting body of this machine, constructed with welded rectangular tubes and reinforced internal components, enhances bed strength and stability, preventing deformation during operation. Controlled by a user-friendly CNC system, it offers versatility in cutting parameters such as laser power, cutting speed, and gas pressure settings, making it adaptable to different materials.

With excellent beam quality, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, the JHT 6020G 10000W is a reliable solution for diverse metal-cutting applications, providing minimal raw material waste and a short payoff period.

Key Features of the JHT 6020G 10000W

Experience the exceptional performance and versatility of the JHT 6020G 10000W fiber laser cutting machine with its key features designed for precision and efficiency in metal cutting applications.

This high-powered machine boasts a fiber laser generator with an impressive 10000-watt output, ensuring superior cutting efficiency and extended service life. Its cutting head includes an adjustable focusing mirror and an advanced capacitive height sensing system for precise control and consistent cutting quality on all surfaces.

The sturdy construction of welded rectangular tubes and reinforced components enhances bed strength and stability, preventing deformation during operation. Controlled by a user-friendly CNC system, the machine offers flexibility in cutting parameters tailored to different materials.

It provides a cost-effective solution with minimal waste, low investment requirements, and a quick payoff period. The exchange table feature allows for swift material swapping, reducing downtime and boosting productivity, while safety features ensure secure operation throughout.

Understanding the CNC Control System of the JHT 6020G 10000W

Gain insight into the user-friendly CNC Control System of the JHT 6020G 10000W fiber laser cutting machine for optimized cutting operations. The system offers customizable cutting parameters, allowing adjustments to laser power, cutting speed, and gas pressure settings to suit different materials. This adaptability enables operators to enhance machine performance for specific cutting tasks.

Controlling the exchange table, the CNC system facilitates rapid material swapping, reducing downtime and boosting productivity by enabling continuous operation during material changes. Real-time monitoring is a key feature, ensuring consistent cutting quality and immediate issue detection.

The user-friendly interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, empowering operators to quickly grasp system functions and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, the CNC system governs safety features, guaranteeing secure machine operation.

Efficiency and Precision: The Power of the 10000W Fiber Laser Generator

The 10000W Fiber Laser Generator in the JHT Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table Type 6020G 10000W drives superior cutting efficiency and precision, making it a pivotal component of the machine’s performance. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • High-Power Output: With an impressive 10000 watts output, this generator ensures superior cutting efficiency and beam quality.
  • Precision Cutting: The high-power output enables precise and speedy cutting through various metals, crucial for industries with stringent quality standards.
  • Efficiency: Known for its efficiency, this generator effortlessly slices through different metal types, maximizing productivity and reducing waste.
  • Superior Beam Quality: Producing a laser beam of superior quality results in clean and precise cuts.
  • Energy Efficiency: Fiber lasers are energy efficient, reducing operating costs and environmental impact compared to other laser types.

These features showcase the versatility and power of the 10000W fiber laser generator in enhancing the capabilities of the JHT 6020G 10000W machine.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for the JHT 6020G 10000W

For the safe and effective operation of the JHT 6020G 10000W Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table, adherence to essential safety and maintenance practices is crucial. To ensure safety, never leave the operating system unattended, keep the laser away from debris, avoid direct eye contact with the laser, only use materials safe for laser cutting, and never disable the safety features. Additionally, wear protective gloves and clothing to prevent skin burns, and take advantage of the closed design of the table to contain the laser beam and maintain a clean working environment.

For maintenance, conduct daily inspections and upkeep tasks, manage laser heat with proper cooling, always use the correct laser settings, utilize air assist to reduce fire risk and enhance cutting quality, and stay alert while operating the machine. By following these safety and maintenance tips diligently, you can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your JHT 6020G 10000W Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table.

Versatility of the JHT 6020G 10000W in Various Industries

Increase your manufacturing efficiency and precision with the versatile JHT 6020G 10000W Fiber Laser Cutting Closed Working Table. The JHT 6020G 10000W finds applications in various industries due to its high power output, cutting efficiency, and quality. Here’s how it serves different sectors:

  • Manufacturing: Enables precise and swift cutting through various metals.
  • Automotive: Cuts precise components for vehicles.
  • Aerospace: Delivers high precision and quality requirements efficiently.
  • Construction: Provides efficient and precise cuts for large-scale metal cutting.
  • Electronics: Offers high precision for small and precise components.

The JHT 6020G 10000W is a compelling investment for companies seeking to streamline their metal-cutting processes. Whether in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, or energy sectors, this machine’s combination of power, versatility, efficiency, durability, and long-term cost-effectiveness makes it a valuable asset across a range of industries.

Comparative Analysis: JHT 6020G 10000W vs Other Models

Enhance your understanding of the JHT 6020G 10000W Fiber Laser Cutting system through a detailed comparative analysis with other models based on power output.

The 3000W model offers high-precision cutting and cost-effectiveness.

In comparison, the 4000W model provides faster cutting through thicker materials.

The 6000W model excels in precision and power, with customizable parameters for increased productivity.

The 10000W model, the most powerful of the series, stands out for its ability to cut various metals with remarkable accuracy and speed, enhancing versatility.

Higher power outputs generally result in greater cutting efficiency and speed, catering to diverse industry needs.

When choosing a model, consider the specific requirements of your application to optimize performance and productivity.

Each model’s power output influences its cutting capabilities, efficiency, and suitability for various material types, making the selection process crucial for achieving desired outcomes.

Advantages Over Traditional Systems

Cost Efficiency

The JHT 6020G consumes only 20-30% of the power used by traditional CO2 laser cutters, significantly reducing operational costs. The fiber laser technology also reduces maintenance costs, as there are no lenses to replace, and it offers higher reliability and longer service life.

Enhanced Speed and Quality

Fiber laser cutting is known for its speed, and the 6020G is no exception. It can cut at speeds 2-3 times faster than traditional YAG or CO2 lasers, without compromising on quality. The excellent beam quality ensures a smaller focus diameter, resulting in better processing quality and high work efficiency.

Stability and Reliability

The adoption of a high-quality fiber laser source ensures stable performance. The machine’s superior components, like the Fuji servo motors and robust cooling system, support its ability to deliver consistent results even under rigorous industrial conditions.


So, if you’re looking for a high-powered, efficient, and versatile fiber laser cutting machine, the JHT 6020G 10000W is worth considering.

With its advanced CNC control system, powerful 10000W fiber laser generator, and safety features, this machine is perfect for a wide range of industries.

Keep in mind the maintenance tips to ensure optimal performance and precision.

Upgrade to the JHT 6020G 10000W for top-notch cutting capabilities in your operations.

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