Baileigh WR-105V-ATC Vacuum Industrial CNC Router Table Review

Quick Summary:

Price: $65,877.99


  • 5' x 10' CNC Router Table
  • Powerful 12hp Spindle
  • 6 Spindle Tool Changer
  • 220V 3-phase Power
  • BobCAD-Cam Express Software included


  • Expensive
  • Constantly out of stock

My Experience with the Baileigh WR-105V-ATC

As someone who has personally used the Baileigh WR-105V-ATC Vacuum Industrial CNC Router Table, I'd like to share my experiences to offer a bit more insight into what makes this machine a valuable asset. When the machine first arrived, I was impressed by how straightforward the setup was.

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First Impressions and Setup

The WR-105V-ATC came pre-built and aligned perfectly. After connecting it to our 220V 3-phase power supply and loading the BobCAD-Cam software onto my laptop, I was ready to transfer designs to the machine via USB. This seamless integration meant I could get straight to work without wasting time on complex configurations.

Automated Tool Changer

From the outset, the automated tool changer stood out as a significant improvement to my workflow. I preloaded the six collets with various tools—straight, ball-nose, and V-bits—and set up the router to switch between them automatically as needed. When starting a project, such as creating furniture components, the tool change process is nearly invisible to the operator. I appreciated not having to manually change tools mid-production, as this feature allowed me to focus on other aspects of the project, like fine-tuning designs and ensuring the correct materials were loaded.

Software Integration and Design Capabilities

The BobCAD-Cam software has been a real game-changer. As someone who isn't a CAD expert, I was initially concerned that it would take a long time to learn. However, I found it surprisingly intuitive, with a well-organized user interface and robust tutorials. The software made importing existing designs and creating new ones straightforward. I could experiment with intricate patterns or adapt templates for custom furniture production.

The seamless software-to-hardware integration meant that I could visualize my designs clearly and transfer them to the CNC table without issues. The machine followed each instruction precisely, enabling me to work on more creative projects, like carving detailed designs into high-quality hardwood.

Cutting Power and Precision

One of the standout features that quickly became evident was the 12 HP spindle's power. I worked on dense hardwoods like oak and maple, both of which are notorious for their resistance, but the spindle handled them with ease. Even when pushing the limits of the spindle’s 24,000 RPM, the router performed without flinching. Additionally, the servo motors ensured accurate and smooth cuts at any speed.

The vacuum table held workpieces firmly in place, preventing movement or slipping during cutting. This secure grip was especially crucial when making detailed cuts on small, delicate pieces that require a high degree of accuracy.

Workspace Layout and Ergonomics

The generous 5' x 10' work surface gave me ample space to lay out large projects, such as full-sized cabinet doors or intricate architectural components. The Y-axis movement allowed the gantry to clear the table edge, maximizing the available workspace. The high gantry provided excellent visibility, making it easy to monitor the router's progress and adjust settings as necessary.

Considerations and Insights

The WR-105V-ATC is certainly a powerful and versatile machine, but it does come with some practical considerations. It requires significant space and a three-phase power setup, which could be limiting for smaller workshops. Additionally, although the learning curve for the software is manageable, getting the most out of all the machine's features still requires some time and practice.

Buying Experience with Beaver Industrial Supply

I purchased the Baileigh WR-105V-ATC from Beaver Industrial Supply, and the buying experience was smooth and professional. The knowledgeable sales team provided thorough answers to my questions, ensuring I was confident in my choice. They guided me through the selection process with transparency and offered valuable advice on the machine's features and setup requirements.

The delivery was timely, and the machine arrived well-packaged and ready to install. The team's after-sales support was outstanding, promptly assisting with any queries I had, which made the overall experience pleasant and stress-free.


In the world of woodworking, precision and efficiency are paramount, particularly in industrial settings where time is money. The Baileigh WR-105V-ATC Vacuum Industrial CNC Router Table brings both precision and efficiency together, embodying cutting-edge technology to streamline production while maintaining high standards of craftsmanship.

With its advanced features, powerful capabilities, and intuitive software integration, this router table is designed to meet the demands of industrial-grade woodworking, making it a valuable asset for professionals.

Key Features of the Baileigh WR-105V-ATC

Automated Tool Changing: One of the standout features of the WR-105V-ATC is its automatic tool changer (ATC), which enables rapid and precise switching between up to six tools in just 8 seconds. This feature eliminates the time-consuming manual tool changes that often hinder productivity, allowing the machine to execute complex cuts and intricate designs without interruption.

Robust Software Integration: Included with the WR-105V-ATC is BobCAD-Cam Express programming software. This software simplifies the design and plotting process, enabling users to create designs on any computer and transfer them to the router table via USB. Once loaded, the software translates the design into precise cut patterns, ensuring seamless communication between design and execution.

Spacious Workspace: The 5' x 10' work surface is expansive enough to accommodate a wide range of projects, from furniture to intricate architectural detailing. The Y-axis of the machine allows the gantry to move beyond the table edge, maximizing the use of the entire work surface and giving the user greater flexibility.

Powerful Performance: At the heart of the WR-105V-ATC is a formidable 12 HP, 9KW air-cooled spindle capable of speeds ranging from 0 to 24,000 RPM. This power allows the router table to tackle even the toughest materials with ease, ensuring clean, accurate cuts across various applications. Servo motors further enhance its performance, delivering smooth and precise movements at both high and low speeds.

Pre-Loaded Collets: The pre-load feature of the six collets allows users to load multiple tools and profiles, so the machine can seamlessly switch between them as programmed, reducing downtime and ensuring efficient operation.

Ergonomic and Safe Design: The high gantry design provides excellent visibility of the work surface, allowing operators to closely monitor the cutting process. Additionally, the vacuum table securely holds the workpiece in place, minimizing movement and improving precision.

Technical Specifications

    • Maximum Engraving Speed: 984 inches per minute
    • Maximum Moving Speed: 2362 inches per minute
    • Z Axis Stroke: 8 inches
    • Tool Diameter: SK16
    • Weight: 5,500 lbs
    • Table Length: 152 inches
    • Power Requirements: 220V, 3-phase


This router table is ideally suited for a broad range of industrial woodworking applications, including:

    • Cabinet Making: Producing custom cabinetry requires precision cuts and consistent finishes, both of which the WR-105V-ATC delivers.
    • Furniture Production: The combination of rapid speed, automatic tool changing, and a spacious work surface makes it perfect for manufacturing high-quality furniture.
    • Architectural Components: Creating intricate detailing, moldings, and decorative elements is made simple with this machine's accurate and reliable cutting.
    • Signage: The router's ability to engrave quickly and precisely makes it ideal for sign-making and engraving applications.

Competitive Advantage

Efficiency and Time Savings: The ability to switch tools automatically and rapidly speeds up production, reducing downtime. This feature alone gives the WR-105V-ATC a significant edge over other router tables that rely on manual tool changes.

Precision and Quality: The combination of a high-power spindle, servo motors, and accurate software ensures that each cut is executed with pinpoint precision. The result is consistently high-quality output, reducing waste and rework.

Versatility and Customization: The inclusion of BobCAD-Cam software means users can design and customize their work with ease. Whether crafting intricate designs or working on mass production, the WR-105V-ATC handles a broad range of tasks.


For those who need precision and efficiency in their industrial woodworking, the WR-105V-ATC is a solid investment. It has quickly become an essential tool in my workshop, and I believe its versatility and power will make it valuable for a wide range of applications. For more details on the Baileigh WR-105V-ATC and to explore how it can transform your woodwork, visit Beaver Industrial Supply.