Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet Review

Quick Summary:

Price: $160,139.00

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  • Ability to Cut Just About Any Material with Precision
  • Cantilever Design Allows for Material Loading and Unloading
  • Easy-To-Use Windows-Based Operator Touchscreen
  • BobCAD-Cam Express Programming Software


  • Expensive
  • Constantly out of stock

My Perspective: Practical Insights into the Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet

As a long-time operator of various CNC machines, transitioning to the Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet was a significant upgrade for my workshop. Here, I'll share my personal experience with this machine, providing a balanced view of its performance and utility.

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Ease of Use and Initial Setup

Initially, I was apprehensive about the complexity of using a high-precision tool like the WJ-4X4CNC. However, my concerns were quickly alleviated once I began using the touchscreen interface. The Windows-based system is user-friendly, and even though I am not a computer expert, I found the software intuitive.

Loading designs via USB is straightforward, which is a huge time-saver. The transition from design to cutting is almost seamless, significantly reducing the time it usually takes to begin actual production.

Cutting Performance and Versatility

The capability to cut through a diverse range of materials with precision has been one of the most beneficial aspects of the WJ-4X4CNC. In my shop, we handle everything from plastics to metals like titanium and stainless steel.

The precision of the water jet is impressive; it consistently delivers a cutting accuracy of ±.001 inches, which is crucial for the custom parts we manufacture, particularly for local aerospace suppliers.

The power and precision have allowed us to expand our offerings and take on jobs we would have had to decline before. This adaptability has been key to tapping into new markets and increasing our revenue streams.

Maintenance and Durability

One of my initial reservations was the potential need for frequent maintenance, given the sophisticated nature of the machine.

However, the protective design of the slideways and the overall robust construction of the WJ-4X4CNC have meant that maintenance has been less frequent than anticipated. This durability is crucial for maintaining workflow continuity and reducing downtime, which can be costly.

Real-world Applications

In practical terms, the machine has proven indispensable for projects requiring high detail and precision. For instance, we recently completed a series of intricate designs on ceramic tiles for a local artist. The ability to handle such delicate materials without damage or waste was something we couldn't have achieved with our previous equipment.

From my experience, the Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet is a reliable and efficient tool that offers precision and versatility, along with its counterparts: the Baileigh wj-512 CNC water jet and the Baileigh wj-85 CNC water jet. It's not just the machine's ability to cut through nearly any material with exactitude but also its user-friendly software and robust build that make it a standout.

While the initial investment might seem daunting, the potential to expand business capabilities and enter new markets can make it a worthwhile expenditure.

Positive Experience with Beaver Industrial Supply

Purchasing the Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet from Beaver Industrial Supply was a highly positive experience. Their knowledgeable team, straightforward ordering process, and exceptional after-sales support were particularly noteworthy, enhancing our confidence in this substantial investment.

The Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet is a premier cutting tool that offers precision and versatility in material processing. Priced at $160,139, it aims to provide high value to professionals and businesses looking to enhance their cutting capabilities.

This review delves into its design, features, and overall performance, providing a detailed look at why it may be a smart investment for those involved in industrial manufacturing and design.

Design and Build

The Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet features a robust cantilever design that simplifies material loading and unloading—a crucial factor for efficient workflow in industrial environments.

The machine's 48” x 48” cutting table is spacious enough to handle a variety of materials, including glass, granite, ceramic, and various metals like mild steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

One of the standout aspects of its design is the focus on durability and precision. The frame is constructed from laser-cut, interlocked, and welded components, ensuring structural rigidity and long-lasting performance. This meticulous assembly contributes to the machine’s cutting accuracy of ±.001 inches.

Features and Performance

The WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet is equipped with several advanced features that enhance its usability and efficiency. It includes Baileigh Industrial's proprietary abrasive auto-feed system, which, when coupled with a powerful 55,000 PSI Hammelmann direct drive pump, ensures smooth and consistent cutting.

The inclusion of an easy-to-use, Windows-based touchscreen interface allows operators to manage the water jet effortlessly. This system supports any DXF file, enabling users to easily import designs and control the cutting process precisely.

The machine also comes standard with BobCAD-Cam Express programming software, which further simplifies design and cutting operations by allowing users to prepare projects on any computer and transfer them via USB.

Specifications and Usability

Beyond its cutting prowess, the WJ-4X4CNC boasts impressive technical specifications that support its advanced capabilities. It operates on 460V three-phase power and offers substantial hopper capacity and dual-filter water purification, ensuring clean operation and minimal maintenance. Its motor outputs 30,000 watts, providing ample power for continuous, heavy-duty use.

The machine's air pressure requirement is modest at 30 PSI, and it features an extensive production pressure capability of 56,000 PSI. With X, Y, and Z-axis travels of 48 inches, 48 inches, and 6.75 inches respectively, it offers considerable versatility in handling different sizes of materials and complex cutting tasks.

Practical Applications

The Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet is particularly well-suited for businesses that require precision cutting of diverse materials. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction will find this machine invaluable for producing intricate parts and components. Artists and designers working with mixed media can utilize the water jet to bring their creative visions to life with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


While the initial investment might seem substantial, the long-term benefits and the reduction in manual labor justify the cost for many businesses. The machine's durability means that maintenance costs are lower, and its efficiency can significantly boost productivity, thereby enhancing profitability over time.

Enhanced Productivity with Cutting-Edge Software Integration

One of the significant advantages of the Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet is its integration with advanced software. The included BobCAD-Cam Express is an intuitive piece of software that simplifies the design and cutting process. Users can design parts, components, or artistic pieces directly within the software and immediately transfer them via USB to the water jet for cutting. This seamless integration not only reduces the time between design and production but also minimizes errors, ensuring that each cut is executed with precision.

Moreover, the Windows-based touchscreen interface offers a user-friendly experience, making it accessible even to operators who may not be highly experienced with such sophisticated machinery. The ability to support any DXF file enhances this usability, allowing operators to work with files created in a variety of other CAD programs without the need for extensive file conversion.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

The WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet also excels in safety and environmental considerations. The design minimizes splash and waste, and the dual-stage filtration system ensures that the water used during the cutting process is cleaned to a high standard before disposal. This not only helps in complying with environmental regulations but also reduces the operational costs associated with waste management.

Additionally, the protective covering over the slideways ensures that critical components are shielded from the harsh cutting environment, which not only extends the life of the machine but also reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance.

Investment Return Analysis

For potential buyers, understanding the return on investment (ROI) is crucial. Although the upfront cost of the WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet is substantial, the machine's versatility in handling various materials and its high precision reduces the need for secondary processing, thereby speeding up production timelines and reducing labor costs.

In addition, the durability and low maintenance requirements of the machine mean that the long-term costs of ownership are significantly lower compared to other cutting technologies. Businesses that invest in this machine can expect a swift payback period, especially if they are transitioning from less efficient or older cutting systems.


The Baileigh WJ-4X4CNC Water Jet is not just a piece of machinery; it's a comprehensive cutting solution that offers precision, efficiency, and versatility. It stands out as an ideal choice for industries and professionals aiming to elevate their cutting capabilities.

With its advanced features, robust build, and software integration, it offers an unmatched cutting experience that can significantly impact productivity and profitability in any high-demand environment. This machine is a sound investment for anyone serious about achieving the best in material-cutting technology.

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