Baileigh Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Review (BS-24SA-DM)

Quick Summary:

Price: $32,999.00


  • Semi-Automatic System with Hydraulic Down Feed Speeds up Production
  • Cast Iron Vise and Bow Prevent Wobbling and Keep Cuts Accurate
  • Industrial-Grade Hydraulic System
  • Long Lasting Machine


  • Expensive
  • Constantly Out of Stock

*My experience with the Baileigh BS-24SA-DM Semi-Automatic Dual Mitering Horizontal Band Saw*

As someone who has worked extensively in metal fabrication, my encounter with the Baileigh BS-24SA-DM has been a significant part of my routine for the past several months. Managing a medium-sized fabrication shop, we frequently handle a variety of projects that require precision and versatility, which this saw has provided reliably.

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Daily Operations and Reliability

One of the key aspects I've appreciated about the BS-24SA-DM is its semi-automatic functionality. This feature alone has transformed our workflow. Instead of manually controlling every aspect of the cut, the semi-automatic controls allow us to set up the workpiece, adjust the settings, and then let the machine handle the rest.

This capability not only speeds up our operations but also allows our operators to focus on other tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

Precision and Versatility

The dual mitering capability is another feature that stands out. We often work on projects that require multiple angle cuts, and being able to adjust the saw head up to 60 degrees on either side without having to manually reposition the workpiece is a huge time-saver.

The wide range of blade speeds makes it easy to cut various materials without needing to change setup frequently. Whether we are working with aluminum for lightweight structures or stainless steel for more robust components, the BS-24SA-DM handles these with ease.

Build Quality and Maintenance

From a durability standpoint, the robust construction of the Baileigh BS-24SA-DM is evident, just like the Baileigh 1100sa band saw. The cast iron bow and steel frame provide a stable base that significantly reduces vibration, resulting in more accurate cuts.

The maintenance of the machine has been quite manageable. Regular checks and the occasional tuning of the hydraulic system and blade tension have kept the saw running smoothly without any significant downtime.

Practical Benefits and Use Cases

For our shop, the BS-24SA-DM has proven indispensable in various applications. For instance, creating custom parts for automotive restoration projects requires precise and repeatable cuts, which this saw delivers consistently.

When we ventured into creating architectural metalwork, the ability to handle large sections and diverse shapes allowed us to expand our offerings to clients significantly. In our day-to-day operations, versatility in handling various materials is critical.

For example, we've used the BS-24SA-DM for everything from intricate cuts on bronze fittings to straightforward cuts on massive aluminum sheets.

The ability to switch from one material to another without extensive downtime for reconfiguration has been a game-changer for us. It’s this flexibility that allows our shop to take on a wider range of projects and client requests.

Long-Term Impressions

After months of using the Baileigh BS-24SA-DM, the initial impressions of robustness and efficiency have only been strengthened. We've pushed this machine through some of the toughest jobs, and it has stood up to the test every time.

This isn’t just about its capability to cut through various metals effortlessly; it’s also about how it maintains precision even under heavy use. The reliability of not having to frequently recalibrate or deal with breakdowns cannot be overstated—it’s one of the reasons this saw has become such a cornerstone in our operations.

Purchase Experience from Beaver Industrial Supply

The purchase of the BS-24SA-DM from Beaver Industrial Supply was seamless and supportive. Their customer service was exemplary, ensuring that we were well-informed throughout the buying process and that the saw met our specific needs.

The delivery and follow-up were handled professionally, enhancing our overall satisfaction with both the product and the supplier.

In the demanding field of metal fabrication, precision and efficiency are essential. The Baileigh BS-24SA-DM Semi-Automatic Dual Mitering Horizontal Band Saw, priced at $32,999.00, is designed to meet these needs with robust construction and advanced features.

Design and Build Quality

The Baileigh BS-24SA-DM is robustly constructed to withstand rigorous industrial demands. It features a cast iron bow and a steel frame, components that are essential for maintaining stability and reducing vibrations during cutting.

This solidity is crucial not only for the precision of each cut but also for the machine's longevity. Weighing in at 3550 lbs and with dimensions of 111x45x74 inches, it's built like a fortress, indicative of its industrial-grade capabilities.

Cutting Capacity and Versatility

One of the standout features of the BS-24SA-DM is its impressive cutting capacity. It can handle 18” round or 15” x 24” rectangle materials at 90 degrees.

Its swivel head miters 60 degrees to both the left and right, providing flexibility for complex cuts without needing to reposition the material. This feature is particularly beneficial for workshops that handle diverse projects requiring multiple angle cuts.

Performance Features

The saw offers both speed and accuracy and is equipped with a standard 1.5” blade. The blade operates at variable speeds ranging from 106 to 317 feet per minute (fpm), allowing operators to adjust the speed based on the material being cut, whether it's mild steel, bronze, or aluminum.

This adaptability ensures optimal cutting performance and can significantly impact the finish and quality of the cuts.

The semi-automatic system with hydraulic down feed is another critical feature. This system speeds up production by automating the feed, reducing operator workload, and enhancing the precision of repetitive cuts.

The hydraulic system also includes a quick-lock vise and a flood coolant system, which helps in prolonging blade life by washing away metal chips during cutting.

Ease of Use

For operational convenience, the BS-24SA-DM includes several user-friendly features. The adjustable hydraulic descent pressure allows for faster cut times and extended blade life, while changing the saw head's return position enables quicker cycle times between cuts, especially on smaller dimensioned pieces.

The patented blade tension device with a visual gauge aids in easy and accurate blade tension adjustments.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety is paramount in any heavy-duty equipment. The sturdy cast iron vise and electro-welded steel frame of the Baileigh BS-24SA-DM help keep the cuts accurate and minimize wobbling, reducing the risk of accidents.

Regular maintenance is streamlined thanks to the accessible design of the hydraulic and coolant systems, ensuring that the machine can operate for decades with proper care.

Additional Features and Benefits

Besides its primary functions and features, the Baileigh BS-24SA-DM incorporates several additional aspects that enhance its overall usability and functionality in a workshop setting.

Industrial-Grade Hydraulics

The saw's industrial-grade hydraulics system deserves further mention. Not only does it support the semi-automatic operations of the machine, but it also includes features that significantly ease the operator's workload.

The hydraulics open and close the vise quickly and securely, ensuring that the material is firmly locked in place during cutting, which is critical for both safety and precision.

Cooling System

The flood coolant system is a critical feature, especially when working with metals that can quickly heat up and potentially warp during cutting. By continuously washing away metal chips and cooling the blade and material, this system not only extends the life of the blade but also helps maintain the integrity of the material being cut.

This is particularly important in professional settings where the quality of each cut can impact the overall project.

Energy Efficiency and Power

Operating on 220-volt three-phase power, the BS-24SA-DM is designed for energy efficiency and lower power consumption without compromising performance.

This power setup is typical in industrial environments, offering a balance between energy use and powerful operation. The three-phase power allows for smoother operation and increased motor longevity.

Detailed Technical Specifications

To appreciate fully what the Baileigh BS-24SA-DM offers, it’s important to consider its specifications in more detail:

  • Miter Angle Range: The dual miter swivel head allows for angle cuts ranging from 0 to 60 degrees on both the left and right sides. This wide range of angle adjustments is essential for custom fabrication tasks, making the saw highly versatile across various applications.
  • Blade Guide and Drive System: Utilizing both carbide and roller guides, the BS-24SA-DM ensures that the blade remains stable and straight during cuts, which is crucial for maintaining accuracy over long periods of use. The belt and pulley drive system is robust and reliable, designed to withstand the demands of continuous industrial use.
  • Table Height and Ergonomics: At a table height of 31.5 inches, the saw is ergonomically designed to facilitate ease of use without causing undue strain on operators. This consideration enhances operator comfort during long shifts and contributes to safer work practices.
  • Capacities at Various Angles: The ability to cut 18" round at 90 degrees, 17.5" round at 45 degrees, and various sizes in between demonstrates the saw's capacity to handle large and diverse materials, making it a suitable tool for a wide range of industrial applications.

Practical Applications

The Baileigh BS-24SA-DM is not just a piece of machinery; it's a pivotal tool in the fabrication process. Its capabilities allow it to be used in various sectors including automotive, aerospace, and general fabrication.

For businesses that specialize in custom metalwork, the saw’s precision and versatility can significantly reduce project times and increase the accuracy of finished products.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, where precision is critical for both performance and safety, the BS-24SA-DM provides the capability to fabricate intricate parts with tight tolerances.

Whether cutting frame components, custom brackets, or exhaust systems, the saw’s capabilities ensure that each piece meets exact specifications.

Aerospace Sector

Similarly, in the aerospace industry, precision in cutting high-strength metals and alloys is vital. The BS-24SA-DM’s robust construction and precision features like the variable blade speed and dual mitering capacity allow manufacturers to meet the strict standards required for aerospace components.

General Fabrication

For general fabrication shops, the BS-24SA-DM offers the flexibility to switch between various metals and shapes quickly, adapting to different project requirements without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to expand their market reach by taking on more complex or varied projects.


The Baileigh BS-24SA-DM is more than just a tool; it's a pivotal asset for any fabrication shop looking to enhance its operational capabilities and output quality.

The saw combines powerful performance with reliability and user-friendly features, making it a worthwhile investment for serious metal fabricators.

Based on its robust performance, adaptability, and excellent purchasing experience from Beaver Industrial Supply, I confidently recommend this machine to those aiming to elevate their production standards and efficiency.