Baileigh BS-20SA-DM Band Saw Review

Quick Summary:

Price: $22,759.00


  • Dual-Mitering Band Saw Can Move 45° Left and 60° Right
  • Infinite Blade Speed Adjustments from 69 to 306 FPM
  • Maximum Capacity of 13” OD Round at 90°
  • Digital Readout (DRO)


  • Expensive
  • Constantly out of stock

Personal Experience with the Baileigh BS-20SA-DM

Setting Up and First Impressions

My first encounter with the Baileigh BS-20SA-DM was when we needed to upgrade our workshop equipment to handle a wider variety of materials with more precision. Setting up the band saw was straightforward. The machine’s design is not overly complex, which made initial calibration and adjustments relatively simple. Right from the start, the quality of materials used in its construction stood out—it felt robust and ready for heavy use.

Daily Use and Performance

As a daily user of the BS-20SA-DM, what impressed me most was its dual mitering capability. This feature has been particularly beneficial for creating angular cuts on structural steel for various construction projects. The ability to adjust the miter angle quickly without additional tools is a significant time-saver.

The variable speed control is another feature that I’ve come to rely on heavily. Working with different materials requires precise speed adjustments to achieve the best cuts and prolong blade life. The digital readout on the machine ensures that I can replicate exact settings for specific materials, which is invaluable for maintaining consistency in production runs.

Real-World Applications

In the shop, we frequently work with both mild steel and aluminum. The Baileigh BS-20SA-DM handles these materials with ease, thanks to its hydraulic system that automates the pressure and descent control. This system not only speeds up the process but also helps in achieving uniform cuts, which is crucial when preparing pieces for assembly.

For smaller projects and more delicate cuts, adjusting the hydraulic descent pressure allows for more controlled cutting, which minimizes material wastage. This precision has been essential for custom fabrication jobs, where every millimeter counts.

Deep Dive into Daily Operations

When integrating the Baileigh BS-20SA-DM into our daily operations, its impact was immediately noticeable. The semi-automatic features, such as the hydraulic vise and bow return, were game-changers for us. For instance, during a large-scale project involving multiple repetitive cuts on structural beams, the saw’s ability to handle material automatically after initial setup significantly reduced the labor required. We could set the dimensions and angles once, and then let the saw replicate the process with minimal intervention. This not only sped up our workflow but also reduced fatigue among the team.

Precision and Adjustability

The precision of the BS-20SA-DM has made it indispensable for projects requiring high accuracy. The digital readout (DRO) feature, which I mentioned briefly, deserves more emphasis. It allows for minute adjustments in blade speed, which is critical when working with different thicknesses and types of metals.

For example, cutting through thicker aluminum requires a slower blade speed to ensure a clean cut and prevent the blade from overheating. Being able to dial in these settings precisely has helped maintain high-quality results without guesswork.

Handling Complex Projects

One specific project that highlights the capabilities of the BS-20SA-DM involved custom fabrications for a local art installation. The project required a variety of curved and angular cuts in both bronze and stainless steel. The dual mitering capability of the saw allowed us to make these complex cuts with ease.

Normally, such intricate work would require multiple setups or even different machines, but the BS-20SA-DM’s versatile head movement covered all bases, saving us time and reducing the complexity of the task.

Reliability and Durability

Over time, the reliability of the BS-20SA-DM has proven itself repeatedly. Despite the heavy use and variety of materials we’ve cut, the machine has maintained its precision and performance without significant wear. Regular maintenance, as recommended by Baileigh, has been straightforward.

The saw’s blade tension device and the easy-to-access parts for cleaning and lubrication have made upkeep simple, ensuring the machine runs smoothly without unexpected downtime.


From my experience, the Baileigh BS-20SA-DM Band Saw is a solid choice for any workshop that requires precision and versatility in metal cutting. While it might be more advanced and slightly higher-priced than some entry-level models, the investment is justified by its robust performance and versatility.

It’s particularly suited for workshops that handle a range of materials and require precise, repeatable cuts. If your work involves regular metal fabrication or construction, this saw is equipped to handle demanding tasks with precision and ease.

Purchasing Experience

Purchasing the Baileigh BS-20SA-DM from Beaver Industrial Supply was a remarkably positive experience. Their customer service team was knowledgeable and attentive, making the selection and buying process straightforward and hassle-free. They provided detailed information about the machine, helping to ensure it met all our requirements before making a decision.

Their delivery was prompt and the machine arrived in perfect condition, with all features functioning as promised. Their after-sales support was also commendable, as they promptly answered follow-up questions we had regarding setup and maintenance.

Buying from Beaver Industrial Supply added an extra layer of confidence and satisfaction to our investment in the Baileigh BS-20SA-DM.


The Baileigh BS-20SA-DM is a powerhouse in the realm of metalworking equipment, embodying both precision and efficiency. Designed to handle a variety of materials from mild steel to bronze and aluminum, this band saw combines a robust build with high-tech features, ensuring it is a staple in workshops prioritizing quality and durability.

With its semi-automatic, dual-miter capabilities, the BS-20SA-DM promises not just performance but also ease of use in heavy-duty cutting tasks. Here’s a detailed review of its features and specifications to help you understand why it might be the next important addition to your workshop.


Dual-Miter Capability

One of the standout features of the Baileigh BS-20SA-DM is its dual-mitering ability, which allows the band saw to pivot 45 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right. This range of motion is crucial for shops that handle complex cutting tasks, providing flexibility without the need for additional equipment.

Inverter Drive with Digital Readout

The inverter-driven system offers variable blade speeds ranging from 69 to 306 feet per minute (fpm), controlled through a digital readout. This feature ensures that operators can fine-tune the speed depending on the material being cut, which not only optimizes cutting times but also enhances blade longevity by reducing wear.

Hydraulic System

Production efficiency is key in any metalworking operation, and the BS-20SA-DM’s hydraulic system contributes significantly in this area. The hydraulic vise, down feed, and bow return automate many of the processes involved in the operation, allowing for hands-free cutting once the material is set and the parameters are configured.

Patented Blade Tension Device

Blade tension can significantly affect the quality of a cut. The Baileigh BS-20SA-DM features a patented blade tension device that simplifies the process of setting the correct tension. This is achieved by adjusting the tension until the black arrow aligns with a green liquid-filled gauge, ensuring optimal performance and blade health.

Compact Design and Durability

Despite its powerful capabilities, the BS-20SA-DM has a relatively compact footprint, making it suitable for shops where space is at a premium. The electro-welded steel frame and cast-iron bow not only conserve space but also minimize vibrations, which are often the enemy of precision in cutting work.

Cooling System

Longevity and performance are further supported by a high-pressure flood coolant system that efficiently washes away metal chips and cools the blade during cutting. This feature is crucial for maintaining the quality of cuts and extending the life of blades, especially during intensive cutting sessions.


  • Blade Guide: Carbide / Roller
  • Blade Speeds: 60 – 306 SFPM (Inverter Driven)
  • Capacity: Round 90 x 45 x 60 – 13″ x 12″ x 8.5″, Square 90 x 45 x 60 – 13″ x 12″ x 8.5″
  • Descent Control: Pressure Assist Hydraulic
  • Drive: Inverter Direct
  • Input Power: 220V or 440V 3-Phase (440V special order)
  • Type of Miter Adjustment: Dual Miter Swivel Head
  • Miter Angle Range: 0 – 60°, 45°L
  • Model Number: BS-20SA-DM
  • Motor: 3 hp
  • Product Lease Price: $672
  • Return: Hydraulic
  • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 36 x 66 inches
  • Solid Rectangle at 90 Degrees: 13″ x 18″ / 13″ x 10.6″ / 12.4″ x 7.7″
  • Weight: 2370 Lbs.

Enhanced Usability and Control

User-Friendly Interface

The Baileigh BS-20SA-DM is designed with the user in mind, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies the operation process. The digital readout (DRO) is a critical aspect of this interface, providing precise control over blade speed adjustments and ensuring repeatability of cuts for consistent results. This digital system not only saves time but also reduces the margin of error in repeated tasks, making it ideal for production lines where consistency is key.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in any workshop environment, and the BS-20SA-DM incorporates several features to ensure operator safety. The machine is equipped with emergency stops and lockout/tagout capabilities, which are essential for preventing accidents. Additionally, the blade is fully guarded, reducing the risk of injury during operation. These safety features make the BS-20SA-DM a reliable choice for educational settings and busy industrial environments alike.

Versatility in Applications

Broad Material Compatibility

The Baileigh BS-20SA-DM is not limited to cutting just one type of material. Its versatile design enables it to handle a range of materials from plastics and composites to the toughest alloys used in aerospace and automotive industries. The ability to adjust blade speed according to material resistance and toughness allows for optimal cutting performance across a diverse spectrum of materials.

Industries Served

The robust design and advanced features of the BS-20SA-DM make it suitable for a variety of industries. In the construction and structural sector, it can be used for cutting large beams and pipes with precision. Its precision makes it valuable in the fabrication of intricate parts in the automotive industry, where exact tolerances are crucial. Additionally, its durability and ability to handle tough materials make it ideal for use in shipbuilding and aerospace applications, where high-strength materials are common.

Long-Term Reliability and Support

Build Quality

The Baileigh BS-20SA-DM’s build quality is a significant advantage. Constructed with a heavy-duty cast iron bow and a steel frame, the saw is designed to withstand rigorous use without compromising accuracy or performance. This durability ensures that the machine remains reliable over years of service, even under the demanding conditions of a busy workshop.

Manufacturer Support and Warranty

Baileigh Industrial is known for its strong customer support and comprehensive warranty offers. The purchase of a BS-20SA-DM band saw includes access to Baileigh’s experienced technical support team, which can assist with troubleshooting, maintenance tips, and more. Additionally, the company offers a competitive warranty that covers parts and labor, ensuring that users can depend on their machine for many years without concern for potential downtime caused by mechanical issues.


The Baileigh BS-20SA-DM Band Saw stands out as a versatile, powerful, and reliable tool in the metalworking industry. Its cutting-edge features, such as the dual miter capability, hydraulic system, and inverter drive with digital readout, make it a top choice for professionals seeking efficiency and precision.

Whether for industrial manufacturing, automotive repair, or construction, the BS-20SA-DM meets a wide range of cutting needs with ease and precision, making it a valuable asset in any workshop. With Baileigh’s reputation for quality and durability, this band saw is not just a purchase but a long-term investment in productivity.

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