Baileigh BP-9078 Hydraulic Press Brake Review

Quick Summary:

Price: $78,699.00


  • Digital Readout (DRO) Displays Position of the Downward Stroke
  • 4 Grease Zerks Let You Add Oil Yourself Every Few Months
  • Industrial-Grade Hydraulic System
  • Long Lasting Machine


  • Expensive
  • Constantly Out of Stock

In the demanding world of metal fabrication, the capability to handle thick, heavy materials with precision is crucial. Recently, I took on a project that required bending 1-inch thick steel plates for construction equipment frames—a task that tested both my skills and the capabilities of the Baileigh BP-9078NC Hydraulic Press Brake.

This experience not only challenged the machine's touted strength and precision but also provided a real-world test of its performance under strenuous conditions.

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Here's a detailed look at how the BP-9078NC managed this demanding task, reflecting my personal experience with its operation and the adjustments necessary for success.

*My Personal Experience Using the Baileigh BP-9078*

We were tasked with creating durable frames for construction equipment, which required us to work with 1-inch thick steel plates. This material thickness poses a challenge due to its resistance to bending and the precision needed for these components to fit together in the final product.


  1. Setup: Preparing the BP-9078NC involved manually setting the back gauge and inputting the bend parameters based on the project blueprint. There was a small learning curve to managing the control settings for such thick material, especially ensuring everything was aligned for consistent bends.
  2. Bending: Using the BP-9078NC, I began the bending process. The machine’s capacity to handle 90 tons was crucial because the resistance of the thick steel is significant. The hydraulic cylinders, controlled by precise encoders, smoothly pressed down on the steel, bending it to the required angles without any distortion or unwanted deformations.
  3. Adjustments: Throughout the job, I made numerous slight adjustments to the machine settings. While the encoder systems are designed to be precise, working with exceptionally thick materials sometimes meant pausing and tweaking to achieve the perfect bend depth.
  4. Completion: After a few hours, the bending for all the frames was completed. Each steel plate took significantly longer to process compared to thinner materials, primarily due to the extra care needed to handle the weight and resistance.

Reflection: The project was challenging due to the thickness of the materials and the precision required. Operating the BP-9078NC on such a demanding task was intense but better than many other machines i've used; the machine handled the job well, though it required constant attention and adjustments to ensure everything went smoothly.

This experience gave me a deeper appreciation for the machine's capabilities and also highlighted the importance of operator vigilance and adaptability when working with heavy-duty materials.

This hands-on experience with the BP-9078NC in a challenging scenario underscored the need for both robust machinery and skilled operation, particularly when tackling projects involving unusually thick or resistant materials.

Purchasing the Baileigh BP-9078 from Beaver Industrial Supply

Purchasing the Baileigh BP-9078NC from Beaver Industrial Supply was a remarkably positive experience.

Their customer service team was knowledgeable and attentive, making sure that all my questions regarding the machine's capabilities and compatibility with my existing setup were thoroughly addressed.

The transaction on the website was straightforward even though their website is under construction, and the delivery was prompt, which is crucial when timing and setup are key to keeping projects on schedule.

The professionalism and support from Beaver Industrial Supply made the entire process seamless and reassuring, affirming my decision to invest in this high-quality equipment through them.

My Take on the Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake BP-9078NC

When it comes to heavy-duty machinery in the industrial sector, the name Baileigh often pops up as a frontrunner. Recently, I had the opportunity to delve deep into the functionalities of one of their standout offerings, the Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake BP-9078NC.

With a reputation for robust performance and reliability, this machine beckons a thorough review, especially given its hefty tag and the critical role it plays in industrial and R&D settings.

First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Baileigh BP-9078NC I got from Beaver Industrial Supply, which is a monumental task given its substantial weight of 8,800 lbs, the machine's build quality immediately stands out.

The heavy electrowelded frame promises durability and precision in operation. The rigidity of the steel construction not only enhances the machine's life but also ensures accurate bends, crucial for quality metalworking.

Technical Capabilities

The BP-9078NC boasts impressive technical specs that cater to the high demands of industrial use. With a 10 hp motor powered by a 220-volt 3-phase connection, this press brake can exert up to 90 tons of pressure, allowing it to bend sheet metal up to 78 inches wide. Such capacity makes it an invaluable asset for large-scale operations.

Modes and Controls

One of the standout features of the BP-9078NC is its versatility in operational modes—jog, manual, and automatic. This flexibility allows operators to choose the mode that best suits the task at hand, enhancing both productivity and ease of use.

The encoder-controlled stroke and back gauge system ensure precision in metal bending tasks, supplemented by a digital readout that displays the downward stroke position. Adjustments to pressure and position can be made in just a few seconds, a feature that greatly enhances efficiency.

Tooling and Adjustments

The BP-9078NC comes equipped with a set of hardened single-Vee American tooling, which is a standard yet essential feature for varied bending tasks.

The top beam, moved by two encoder-controlled hydraulic cylinders, assures parallel and consistent bends. The inclusion of a motorized back gauge with encoder adds to the machine’s high precision capabilities.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety is paramount in any industrial machinery, and the BP-9078NC addresses this with a comprehensive 6-light safety curtain and a foot pedal for stroke control, minimizing the risk of accidents during operation.

Maintenance is also made manageable through 4 grease zerks for easy oil addition and a large hydraulic reservoir that ensures smooth operation over longer periods.

Price of the Baileigh BP-9078NC and Support

Priced originally at $95,597.02 but available at a special price of $78,699.00, the BP-9078NC is not a small investment. However, considering the build quality, capabilities, and the support offered by Beaver Industrial Supply —including fast shipping and lifetime technical support—it presents considerable value. The 1-year parts warranty, while standard, provides an additional layer of security for such an investment.

User Experience

Operating the BP-9078NC over the past few weeks, I found the learning curve to be reasonable for anyone with prior experience in press brakes. The controls are intuitive, and the machine responds well to inputs, with minimal delay or lag.

The quality of bends has been consistently high, and adjustments are straightforward, thanks to the well-designed control interface and the robust digital readouts.

Final Thoughts

The Baileigh BP-9078NC Hydraulic Press Brake is a powerhouse designed for heavy, regular use in settings where precision and reliability are a necessity. For businesses in the industrial, maintenance, or R&D sectors, this machine is a worthy consideration despite the premium cost, given its performance and the comprehensive support provided by Baileigh.

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